We are seeking motivated and qualified PHD students & Postdocs

Areas of Research: (1) Active particle/microorganisms near boundary; (2) Cardiovascular hemodynamics; (3) Bio-inspired micro-sensor and actuators; (4) Wind Energy (US Citizen/PR required); (5) Microfabrication and microfluidics. (6) Cancer/Cellular physiology.

[Research Overview]


2014 LAEBI Group Images
Left – Avesta Hojjati, Seongho Kim; Middle – Akash Jain, Mehdi Molaei, Dr. Jian Sheng (1st Row), Khalil Castillo, Dr. Faraz Mehdi, James Lassmann (2nd Row); Right – Larry Brock, Dr. Maryam Jalali

[ LAEBI Group Picture, Aug. 2014 ]